Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No more shots, Don't want the flu shot this year. Thank You

Are Flu shots mandatory now??? I keep getting recorded messages that my daughter needs a recommended immunization. Then it says flu shots are important to keeping her healthy. I feel like telling that fucking recording well guess what 3 days after last years flu & H1N1 shot she got sick, her asthma kicked in and she was hospitalized. Now she has diabetes and gets shots every day. That Flu shot didn't really keep her healthy now did it. She had so many colds last year. I know the Flu shot doesn't cover colds but when it does then they could say it will help keep her healthy. I have received recorded messages from the Pediatrician, Health insurance and the state. WTF I even got 2 letters in the mail telling me that flu shots are now available and she needs one.
This year since its our 1st year with Diabetes I wanted to make sure she was covered for everything and I did want to get her a flu shot but she has been fighting us on all of her shots. We are tired of struggling so I don't want to traumatize her once more this year and get the flu shot. We will be skipping the flu shot this year. Hope the Pediatrician, Health Insurance & State don't send the police. I just don't understand the pressure or the persistence of pushing for us to get her flu shot.

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