Monday, September 26, 2011

Pump Training Tomorrow

Tomorrow we have our pump training for Elyssa's new pump. We watched the video today I sort of went through the handbook. I had a short attention span and kept forgetting where I was reading so I gave up. Elyssa has been really fighting us when we try to give her insulin injections lately. Pumping can't come soon enough. I said before I am afraid to give up the 24hr long acting Levimir for short acting basal insulin. I'm afraid we will get more lows. I'm also worried she is not going to handle having the pump on her 24/7 but we shall see. I think she's smart and will rather the pump with a site change every 3 days rather than shots 4-5x a day. I'm really sick of all the up & down BG numbers that Diabetes causes. Last week we got tons of highs now we're having big drops and lows this week. It's really depressing when you try so hard to get good numbers but Elyssa is so sensitive and bounces around all over the place. So today I was good with her numbers. We didn't have anything over 250. Yay.
Todays BGs were
2am 187
4am 153
7am 59
11am 56
2:30pm 242
3:30pm 144
5pm 131
8pm 142
10:30pm 209

Not proud of the lows but sometimes it's hard to get them back up. I think we did a good job with Elyssa's BG levels today. I hope we can do a good job with the pump too.


  1. Ahhh...those numbers look fantastic! It is so hard when they are so young to keep them within is difficult when they are a bit older too. You are doing great.

    AND...GOOD LUCK TODAY! What type of pump? If it is an Animas AND you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to write me at or call 802-598-6081. I'd be happy to answer any questions. GOOD LUCK. LOVE YA guys!

  2. Those are some rockin numbers! Thinking of you guys tomorrow as your pump journey step at a time.

  3. We decided on the Animas Pump so I will definitely be asking tons of questions Reyna. Saline one week then...dun...dun....dun...finally insulin next Tuesday. Fingers will be crossed and lots of praying hopefully we wont suck at it. Cheers to the new learning curve of the D world.

  4. I wish and send you nothing but happy and loving thoughts. You are doing a great job and you are stronger than you think.. so give yourself some credit, lady! XOXO