Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well Played, Diabetes

We had a low blood sugar last night. Dex CGM site was on her gluteus maximus and it wasn't really working well the past couple days. Dex had 99 arrow flat and all of a sudden Elyssa said "Mom! My leg is walking away from me again".

She said that Saturday when she was going low but I had brushed it off as crazy toddler talk. Well I forgot my daughter is not like every toddler or little girl. She has Type 1 Diabetes and anytime she says something crazy is going on with her body I better check her out.

So I check and she had a BG of 50 with 1.5 units of insulin on board. That 1.5 units would drop her about 150. That could have made her seizure or could've killed her. This low took the breath out of me and kicked me back a notch. If she didn't say her leg was walking away from her again I wouldn't have even checked her.

I started to think... What caused this low?
I had checked an hour ago, her BG was 120 and she ate about 30g of pasta. Pasta always makes her spike like crazy. Well not only is Diabetes a factor in Blood Glucose numbers there is also the digestion issue. Sometimes Elyssa will eat and her Blood Glucose starts rising 20mins. after eating or on a bad day her digestion is delayed for some reason and she will not spike for 2-3hrs. Or maybe that pasta wasn't created equally as all other pastas and had a lower carb. count. Who knows???

So today was just one of those lucky days where everything decided to go wrong for dinner time..... Bad Dex CGM site, insulin given, carb. count???, body didn't want to play right and digestion was like 3hrs late.

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat.
DIABETES YOU WON THIS ROUND! - Well played, Diabetes.. Well Played!

Monday, March 18, 2013

T1D Played Nice This Weekend

On Saturday we went to a Quinceanera/15th Birthday Party. Elyssa was running, jumping and dancing the whole time which was about 5 hours. Lots of family members were amazed to see Elyssa can play just like any other 4yr old even though she has Type 1 Diabetes. I put on a cool calm face about all her running around but inside I was freaking out. I kept waiting for low blood sugars but I checked and Diabetes played nice. BGs rocked in the 100s the whole time. Then came night time BGs. I thought here comes the low blood sugars Dun Dun Dun..... but nope that didn't happen BGs were awesome.

Sunday, Family get-together and again Elyssa was running and playing with her cousins. BGs held in the 100s. Again I got comments about how amazing it is that Elyssa can be so active with her Type 1 Diabetes. It was also reassuring to me to see that Diabetes is not going to hold her back from being a crazy, awesome and active kid. Thanks for playing nice Diabetes. It was an awesome weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feeling Bad for Trying to get some ME time

I know a lot of parents struggle with this but I have been trying to get more "ME" time. My sister was visiting from out of town this weekend and I thought what a perfect time to get some "ME" time. My mom was here, Elyssa had her cousins to play with and Elyssa's dad could take care of her Diabetes care while I was out for a while with my sister. My sister & I went to a nice dinner Friday night and had some drinks after. Everything went good so I decided to go for it again and we went to have drinks Sunday night. Well Elyssa's blood sugars went low she had a BG of 57 probably from running around and playing with her cousins. She always runs around like crazy when she goes low. I have no idea why but she does. Well she ran right into a door knob. I got home and she was sleeping. I was afraid to go to sleep last night in fear of thinking maybe she got a concussion or something from hitting the door knob. I think I woke up like 20 times to check on her. I felt so bad for trying to get some "Me" time and not being there during her accident. I wish I could be everywhere at once but I know I can't.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Our LA Trip

I was really scared to go on a trip for a wedding in La Mirada, CA last weekend. Last year on our trip to Southern CA Elyssa was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes so I was so afraid something could go wrong on this trip too. I was worried to the extent that I mapped out the nearest hospitals with P.I.C.U units by the hotel and in the town where the reception was going to take place.
Las Vegas to LA is only about a 4 hour drive and I think I held my breath almost the whole way. I wanted to rush and get there so nothing could happen on the road or in the middle of no where. It took us forever to get there which added to my stress. We past 2 accidents and I totally forgot how horrible Southern CA traffic was. I have no idea why I was freaking out so much. We keep Elyssa's BGs in a really good range majority of the time. I just have the worse luck and I couldn't handle anything else going wrong right now.
Well all that worrying was for nothing. We made it there with no problems. I even let her have an ice cream on the way because she was being such a good girl in the car just looking at the clouds, mountains & cacti. I even get bored looking at that stuff so she deserved a treat. We also treated her and took her to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. She had a blast, she loves aquariums. At the wedding we got a couple 60s and 70s from all the running around she did. I didn't even bolus her for dinner or cake and we still got some lows I couldn't believe it. She played, she danced, she ran around but most importantly she had a good time.
Me on the other hand, I was a nervous wreck watching her running around, I checked her probably every 30 mins., I was tired, sweaty from CA humidity, and I really wanted a drink. Our drive back home went even smoother. We didn't catch any traffic and BGs were in the 100s. I feel sort of stupid for worrying so much about everything but I know Diabetes has a mind of it's own and can wreck havoc in a short period of time. Diabetes was good to us on this trip and I am so thankful.