Monday, March 18, 2013

T1D Played Nice This Weekend

On Saturday we went to a Quinceanera/15th Birthday Party. Elyssa was running, jumping and dancing the whole time which was about 5 hours. Lots of family members were amazed to see Elyssa can play just like any other 4yr old even though she has Type 1 Diabetes. I put on a cool calm face about all her running around but inside I was freaking out. I kept waiting for low blood sugars but I checked and Diabetes played nice. BGs rocked in the 100s the whole time. Then came night time BGs. I thought here comes the low blood sugars Dun Dun Dun..... but nope that didn't happen BGs were awesome.

Sunday, Family get-together and again Elyssa was running and playing with her cousins. BGs held in the 100s. Again I got comments about how amazing it is that Elyssa can be so active with her Type 1 Diabetes. It was also reassuring to me to see that Diabetes is not going to hold her back from being a crazy, awesome and active kid. Thanks for playing nice Diabetes. It was an awesome weekend.

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