Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well Played, Diabetes

We had a low blood sugar last night. Dex CGM site was on her gluteus maximus and it wasn't really working well the past couple days. Dex had 99 arrow flat and all of a sudden Elyssa said "Mom! My leg is walking away from me again".

She said that Saturday when she was going low but I had brushed it off as crazy toddler talk. Well I forgot my daughter is not like every toddler or little girl. She has Type 1 Diabetes and anytime she says something crazy is going on with her body I better check her out.

So I check and she had a BG of 50 with 1.5 units of insulin on board. That 1.5 units would drop her about 150. That could have made her seizure or could've killed her. This low took the breath out of me and kicked me back a notch. If she didn't say her leg was walking away from her again I wouldn't have even checked her.

I started to think... What caused this low?
I had checked an hour ago, her BG was 120 and she ate about 30g of pasta. Pasta always makes her spike like crazy. Well not only is Diabetes a factor in Blood Glucose numbers there is also the digestion issue. Sometimes Elyssa will eat and her Blood Glucose starts rising 20mins. after eating or on a bad day her digestion is delayed for some reason and she will not spike for 2-3hrs. Or maybe that pasta wasn't created equally as all other pastas and had a lower carb. count. Who knows???

So today was just one of those lucky days where everything decided to go wrong for dinner time..... Bad Dex CGM site, insulin given, carb. count???, body didn't want to play right and digestion was like 3hrs late.

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat.
DIABETES YOU WON THIS ROUND! - Well played, Diabetes.. Well Played!

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