Monday, October 3, 2011

We are up & Pinging it.

So Elyssa's butt is now hotwired. She is hooked up to the Animas Ping & the Dexcom. I swear it's almost like the first week she was diagnosed. I was sweating, shaking and 4 hours later my chest is still pounding like crazy.
Elyssa fought & kicked then fell right asleep and it wasn't bed time. She was at 87 then 85, Dex had her at 76 with arrows down. I already knew I had to wake her up because there's no way I could let her sleep the whole night at 85. Well she woke up and wanted to eat everything in the fridge. I tried to give her low carb items but nooooo she wanted the thing I hate the most.. a quesadilla.
I've tried to rock the tortilla to insulin ratio but I always lose. Well whats one more lost battle she's at 85 right. Damn 2 triangles of quesadilla she shot right up. I was upset at myself because I still think like I'm using insulin pens and that I have to wait to see how much she's actually going to eat before I give insulin. Before she was done with the 2nd triangle I give some insulin. Voila.... insulin given. No fighting, no kicking no running around trying to find the insulin pen, pen needle & alcohol pad. A little anxiety went away with the ease of giving insulin but I'm still afraid to give too much so I held back and the tortilla won again. She shot up to 300. Crap!! It's okay though after 2 weeks of pumping I want a rematch tortilla and we'll see who wins.


  1. WoHooo! Sounds like you are doing well on the Ping girl. I cannot wait for you to show that Tortilla who the boss is.

  2. ONe of the things I find good with a pump is I can bolus my daughter as she eats - e.g. bolus for what she's eating right now, then if she wants more bolus for that then ... much more flexibility. My son's still on MDI unfortunately and hope of getting a pump for him anytime soon is still slim .

  3. Yay!!! I have to get a pic of E and J with their Pings and Dex! :) it ll get easier I promise xo

  4. Thinking of you during this transition! Keep us all posted on how things are going for you both.