Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Thoughts from March Issues

I started thinking about the endo. appointment last month. They weighed and checked her height. Her weight was fine but she was 37” tall. That meant she had grown 5inches since diagnosis 7months ago in July 2011. I was a little disturbed knowing that she had only grown 1inch from Age 1 to 2yr 8months at diagnosis. I double-checked her height just to make sure they weren’t off. Yep they were right. Wow no wonder her clothes no longer fit her.

It really made me think about how malnutritioned she probably was for a year or so and how it stopped her from growing. I read so much information when I was pregnant about how important nutrition is the first couple years of life. I couldn’t help but wonder how much damage the undetected dying pancreas has caused.

I was so happy after going to a Nevada Diabetes Association meeting last month. I was put in contact with an awesome Pharmacist. She is a pharmacist/CDE and knows so much about Diabetes. I went to take her my daughter’s insulin prescription and ended up talking about Diabetes and nutrition for over an hour with her. I know she will be able to help us with nutrition and help lower BGs. I just have to get back into logging all foods, carb. counts & BGs.

I wanted to take Elyssa to the St. Patrick’s Day parade but her cold had come back with Asthma attacks mixed in so we didn’t make it. High BGs were back and I was so burnt out from all the highs in February that Diabetes has fried & scrambled my brain. I have really been slacking on everything Diabetes related. Really felt like a crappy parent.

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