Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up

We had really good numbers. I should've known it was the calm before the storm month. LOL

February -Very bad month
This is the month I had to handle my worse fear which was a T1D toddler vomiting. It was a horrible feeling. Her Blood Glucose levels began to crash and she didn't want to eat or drink anything because she knew they would make her throw up again. Her head kept bobbing around in between vomiting. I couldn't tell if she was passing out or falling asleep everytime she closed her eyes. Cake Mate was my friend I truly believe that's what helped us keep her BG in the 60s until we got her to the ER. Many problems at the ER. They did not know how to take care of her Diabetes. She had low BGs with lots of ketones. I told them to get her to stop throwing up and I'll get rid of the ketones. We were discharged with ketones. I was able to bring them down since she was no longer throwing up. Of course whatever virus she had stayed around almost the whole month off & on and caused lots of Asthma problems too. So high BGs from illness was the main theme of the month.
We got her A1c which was 7.9 up from 7.7 but I still think we are doing good for the first 8 months since the Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.

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