Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th Crazy BGs for a Crazy Day

Wednesday was a good day. We were finally able to keep Elyssa under 200 for a whole 24 hours. Woooo Hoooo. That's only the 2nd time in 9months since diagnosis!!! =)


Then Friday the 13th. I had to add the date cause it was a crazy day. Elyssa's dad left her with the babysitter with a high Bg of 380. Babysitter called to say Elyssa had come down to 284, I said okay, then 128, okay then an hour later 65. Elyssa came down too quick while playing and running outside. Babysitter did a great job of giving her carbs. to bring her up but was afraid to dose for them and Elyssa's appetite gets pretty big when she's low sometimes so it caused another high. Everyone even got to see Elyssa cry from being so exhausted from all the BGs and playing. Elyssa always gets her point across with words so she never cries only when really tired or if she falls really hard.
After that Elyssa was in the 200s for the next 7hours. I tried and tried to get her under but it wasn't happening. Finally during the night she came down to the 100s. It feels like such a battle sometimes and the stress definitely wore me & Elyssa out. So here's to you Friday the 13th.....

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