Monday, July 30, 2012

Yiippeee, No More Medical Bills

I am so happy I have finally paid off ALL Elyssa's medical bills from when she was in DKA and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's such a relief and I feel this tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders finally.
At the beginning I tried so hard to understand this disease and not go crazy from lack of sleep but then when I got slapped with bills for thousands of dollars it truly broke me. I cried so much. I felt like how was I supposed to provide a future for my Type 1 Diabetic daughter when I owed thousands of dollars and had to pay for tons of supplies on a monthly basis. I cried for the diagnosis, I cried from all the threatening calls saying they were going to send me to collections or start taking money from my paycheck, I cried for all the $$$$$ signs flashing before my eyes every time I opened the mail.
Since we were out of town in California when Elyssa was diagnosed my insurance didn't pay for all the doctors fees. She was diagnosed in 1 hospital then transported to another hospital so I had bills from 2 different hospitals, tons of different doctors, nurses, endos and the ambulance company. I took it day by day. I made tons of calls, sent tons of emails & faxes trying to get costs down. I called doctors directly to see if they would lower their fees and a couple of them did so that was a great help. Also, I kept sending a ton of bills back to the insurance company as claims because I felt we shouldn't pay all the out of state costs since the local Pediatrician & Urgent Care doctors that "were" covered by my insurance missed her diagnosis a few days before we left town. The insurance company did end up going 50/50 with me on a couple more bills. Even though it was all so stressful and such a big fight I find myself lucky because I did have some kind of insurance.
I thought for sure we were going to be in & out of the hospital all the time due to diabetes complications. I'm so glad that hasn't been the case. No more hospital stays this whole 1st year of diagnosis. It's given me time to pay off all medical bills, Woo Hoo. I'm finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and do my little happy dance. I no longer have to be scared to open the mail or answer the phone anymore. One whole year of Type 1 Diabetes.... I didn't let the diagnosis beat me, I didn't let the bills beat me.... I just keep taking everything day by day and try to do the best I can for my little girl. I just feel like all the hard work is finally paying off... Literally! =)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elyssa's 1st Diaversary

Well today is D-Day July 1st, Elyssa's 1 year Diabetes anniversary. 1 year ago today she was so sick in DKA she almost died but she was given another chance to live. Type 1 Diabetes is an everyday battle but I am trying my best so she can live life to the fullest. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and our lives changed forever. It has been one hell of a year to say the least.
I don't know what to expect of my emotions today. I do know that I have already teared up off & on this week just thinking about this day. I want her to remember that she was given another chance at life and I want her to celebrate life. I think that making it a whole year living with Diabetes and still having some sanity deserves to be celebrated.
I really wanted to thank everyone that has helped us throughout this year. We had an awesome CDE that explained everything so well that we had enough knowledge to come home and take care of her. I have to say thank you to the few friends & family that have actually stuck by us and helped or showed us support. Also, thanks to the D.O.C (Diabetes Online Community) I have learned so much from all your posts, blogs & responses and you guys have really helped get me through some really hard times. I have made some new lifelong friends and diabetes has shown me how truly strong I am. I hope Elyssa will see a cure in her life time and if not I hope I provide her with the tools to live her life and not let Diabetes stop her!