Saturday, May 12, 2012

Things that make you say Hmmmmmm

Elyssa is really in to horses right now. We took her to a ranch today to go feed some horses carrots and apples. Well there was a private party going on so we fed the horses and left pretty quickly.
At home we were watching My Little Ponies and Elyssa said that her My Little Pony toys had diabetes. I thought to myself, "Do horses get diabetes?" Hmmmmmm.... I know everyone always says cats and dogs get diabetes but I thought it was probably due to those animals eating the same food humans do. So I had to google it and there it was.....horses have insulin resistance problems/Type II Diabetes. I tried to search to see if they get some form of Type 1 Diabetes but wasn't able to find anything.
I wonder what other animals get Diabetes and could diabetes in animals help find Diabetes causing factors. It's late so I will just have to google and think about that another day.....


  1. That's interesting! I didn't know any of this! Thank you to the My Little Pony producers!

  2. I know right. So many things out in the world we don't know anything about.