Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I thought I got the hang of it, Guess I don't!

After meeting with the representatives of 3 different insulin pump companies we have gone with the Animas Ping. I do still want the Omnipod but since we are new to this I like the fact that I can change her insulin dose through the remote or on the pump. My mind is really not good at remembering everything right now so I know I would probably forget the PDA thing for the Omnipod and that wouldn't be good. I just need the endo. dr. to write the prescription for the Animas so we can get it ordered. I really hope that doesn't take too long.
It is so true that once you think you have Diabetes down you don't. Our first 2 weeks Elyssa was sooo high 300-HI. Then weeks 3 & 4 we had lows 33+. Weeks 6,7, & 8 were 60 to 250 but she was mostly 100-200. Which I thought was pretty good considering how much work it took to get there. I thought to myself wow I can do this, I finally got the groove of it. Well, Week 9 has started off really stressful. We are back in the 300s. Elyssa doesn't even seem bothered at the 300s these past 2 days & nights. I don't know where the hell they came from but I can't seem to stop them from happening and they're hard to correct. Her 3rd Birthday is coming up in about 2 months so don't know if it is a growing issue. I think I always try to find a reason of why she gets high even though I know I will probably never find out why. We had it down to where Elyssa only needed 3-4injections but now with these 300s we gave her 5injections yesterday (5x of getting everything ready, 5x of chasing her around the house, 5x trying to hold her down, 5x trying to hold my breath hopefully I don't hit a blood vessel or she doesn't move, 5x consoling her & wiping away tears). Man I want an insulin pump. I know there will be another learning curve with the pump but these injections are really stressing me out right now. I guess I'm in the I'm already sick of this mode. Can someone PLEASE hurry and find a cure?? I know people have been dealing with this sooo much longer than me but I don't want to do it anymore. Where is the effin Rewind button? I just want to rewind back 2months is that too much to ask? Ok I'm done whining. Sorry
Ok I'll end on a cute note. We were at my friends house last nite and Elyssa was 340. I gave her 2 units and nothing. Usually 2u would bring her down fast. Elyssa wanted to eat some pretzels. We had the kids run around & play to see if the insulin would take effect. Well Elyssa ate some pretzels then my friend's 5yr old son said "Elyssa Don't eat more pretzels, you're gonna get MORE Diabetes". I thought it was Too Cute, I loved it!!!


  1. ahh how sweet! Btw I haven't been on since you added the fancy pictures!! HOW COOL!!! Love it!

  2. Thanks. Her dad gets wonderful pictures of her when she lets us. :)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. Your daughter is adorable. Great photos!

    I want a cure, too!

  4. Thanks Heidi. I just can't stop thinking why isn't there a cure for this. I would give anything for it.

  5. What a cutie pie your daughter is! Thanks for your comment on my post...I hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog list. We loved pumping but just ran into a few problems all at once and just needed to take a break from it all for awhile but will definitely be revisiting it again. I am sure you will love pumping just as much as we did for the brief time we did it and I look forward to hearing all about it. Good Luck, give yourself time to adjust to it all and if you ever need to talk let me know.