Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 2 with type 1 Diabetes

We went back to the endocrinologist and Elyssa's insulin dosage was increased so now we were dealing with lows.  That night we woke up at 2am and her BG was 34 so we were trying to get her to drink juice but she wasn't reacting. I was getting sooo scared but after a couple mins. of trying she finally grabbed the juice and drank it. Phew!! I just cried thinking about what would've happened if we didn't wake up at 2am to check her. Yeah I wasn't able to sleep after that. The next day we gave her insulin, her lunch, then later during her nap I thought I'd check her and again she was at 33. This time it was a little harder to get her to wake up and drink or eat anything but she did. Those mins from the time I tested her to the time she finally starts drinking are killers. My heart was beating so fast, my hands were shaking and I just kept asking her to drink the juice. We called the dr. and the insulin to carb. ratio was changed yet again probably like the 10th time since we've been home. Then I think I don't know whats worse the tantrums and screaming when she's high or the fear of her having a seizure or going into a coma when she's low. I just keep thinking nobody should have to live like this. I am so scared for my daughter every day. All the doctors & all the nurses said it will get better but I truly don't think there will be a day that I don't worry about my daughter.


  1. Hi! My my name is Lora. My son Justin was dx'd on Oct. 21, 2008(he was 7). Alexis sent me your way :)

    Yes, you will always worry about her, but I promise it does get better even though it will take some time. Every one of us is where you are. We get it, we understand and we will be here for you.

    Elyssa is beautiful and she will be fine because she has a great, strong mama that loves her :)

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  2. Hey, My name is Jaclyn, my beautiful blue-eyed baby boy Jack was diagnosed on September 8, 2010 at the age of 2. We have been where you are and it really does get easier. Will the worry ever go away? NO. I am at this moment thinking, "Jack is quiet, is he ok? His last check was 45 mins ago and he was >200, he's fine, right?" Hold on a minute, I'm going to check..........yeah, he's fine..focused on his trains.

    We have the animus ping, it did make life easier. small basal rates. being able to bolus often. We both know that toddlers graze all day, they don't eat 3 giant meals. Shots were SO hard because we were told 3 hours between shots, well he wants to eat again in an hour, so what do I do????? Advocate for the pump, do a fund-raiser for your portion if you need to (my friends helped us raise $1400 at a 50/50 raffle at a local rodeo).
    It is OK to be pissed off.
    It is OK to envy people with "normal" kids
    It is OK to cry and cuss and ask "why my baby?"
    It is OK to beg God to take your pancreas and leave your baby's alone.....
    I have done all that, and it is still hard. everyday. everynight. but we love our babies and we are willing to lose sleep and date nights with our hubbys and girls nights out. This is our life. We didn't choose it, but we wouldn't give up that precious life we were blessed with for anything in the world. I feel for you. I am you. and it does get better. not dramatically, but slowly. We are all here for you, rooting for you and your beautiful daughter. much love to you both, Jaclyn and Jack