Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye 2011 I want to start 2012 off right

Well I haven't blogged in a while. Elyssa's birthday, holidays, and year-end at work have made these past couple months crazy. January 1st will mark 5 months of living with Diabetes. The coming of the New Year has made me think of everything that has happened this year. It's funny....Everything that's happened this year before Elyssa's Diabetes Diagnosis just seems to be a blur. It's like our life didn't start until after the diagnosis. It has definitely been a hard year but I have met many great, strong people who are also living with Diabetes in their lives. Everyone has been such a great help and inspiration. Diabetes has truly taught me how precious our lives and children are. I cherish every moment with my daughter.
We've been getting a little lazy with watching/counting her carbs. so this New Years my resolution is to get back in to crunching the numbers and watching Elyssa's Blood Glucose levels closely. I know one of our biggest downfalls is not giving her all the insulin 15-20mins before she eats. We also swag alot of things so we will have to measure, weigh, count, bolus and hope we did it right to get good numbers. Elyssa is worth it so we have to do it. Bring it on 2012 I'm ready for it all the struggles, the smiles, the triumphs, the stress, the tears, the laughs and every moment I get to spend with my daughter!